How to prepare for the maternity photo shoot.

  1. Don’t worry, relax and trust your photographer :)
  2. Have a good sleep the night before the photo shoot;
  3. Stay hydrated. eat breakfast and bring favorite snacks;
  4. Avoid wearing any tight fitting clothes, watches that might leave marks on your skin at least 2 hours prior shooting;
  5. Get your nails done (nude, light pink, neutral colors, French);
  6. Have hair and makeup done professionally. If you booked a makeup artist to prepare in the studio before shooting, please come without cosmetics and with clean hair;
  7. Tell me in advance about your desires regarding gowns, posing, etc.;
  8. Bring nude seamless underwear and strapless bras (+ black and white if possible);
  9. Don’t do depilation and eyebrow correction the day before shooting;
  10. You can bring some personal items like ultrasound photos, jewelry, baby items, etc.;
  11. Bring coordinating clothes for family members. For your partner in can be: t-shirts, polos, shirts (plain without prints and inscriptions, black and/ or white), pants (dress or casual),jeans (blue, light blue, gray, black, a suit that matches the your clothes:
  12. Bring clean classic heelled shoes (black, gray, white, beige); 
  13. You can bring some flowers, they look great in photos;
  14. To feel more confident, I recommend trying different poses in front of the mirror at home prior to the photo shoot, but remember that I will definitely help you with this in the studio.
  15. You can use my clients’ wardrobe and also bring your own clothes, for example: bodysuit (beige, white, black or other color), jeans (not tight, husband’s jeans is ok too), evening dress, white shirt, suit, trench coat, hat, etc.
  16. Don't forger to book a newborn photo shoot  ;)


See you soon! ♡