The first photo session of your baby. How to prepare.


The day of the first most magical photo session of your baby is coming and I would like it to go in the best possible way. I have prepared a short list of recommendations, the implementation of which will reduce the shooting time, as well as conduct it with great comfort for you and your baby.


The first thing we need is your good mood and calmness - everything will be fine :). Mom and baby are very closely related and the mood of the baby depends on the condition of the mother (and other family members who are present in the room). The calmer and more relaxed the mom, the calmer the child and the easier and faster the shooting.


I will arrive at the agreed time. Please try to keep the baby awake a little before my arrival and do not feed, if possible, for at least 30 minutes, for the reason the photo session takes place during his or her sleep in most cases. It would be great if you feed the baby while I unpack and prepare the location. After eating, the baby will be happy and ready to sleep.


Please, think in advance and free up the space in the room where I will be shooting the baby. I usually use flash light, so for my work I need a space of about 45 square ft in any room / kitchen / corridor, as well as a free wall (about 25 square ft) for a photo with parents (optional).


For joint photos with parents and older children (if such are planned), prepare in advance clothes, preferably plain, in a similar color scheme, preferably without lettering and drawings. White, beige, other pastel or black colors are welcome. Even regular white / black / gray / beige T-shirts or shirts look good.


If older children will take part in the photo session, please prepare them in advance. Be sure to inform them about my arrival and that I will photograph the baby. Sometimes for family shots, they may need additional motivation, perhaps a small gift or some tricks that can work for your children.


 Light makeup is possible for mom. Clean and styled hair and well-groomed hands look great in the photo.


If the baby is breastfed, then in order to avoid possible allergic reactions, it is undesirable to add new products into the mother's diet a day before the photo session. Also please avoid gas-forming products for comfort in the baby's tummy.


In the process of shooting, at hand I will need:

  • a pacifier (even if the baby does not want to take it) is one of the main photographer’s assistants;
  • 2 diapers;
  • wet wipes;
  • remedy for colic prescribed by a pediatrician (if the baby is already feels uncomfortable);
  • if possible, milk or formula in a bottle is highly desirable;
  • baby cream, if the baby's skin peels off.


I would be very grateful if you try to follow these tips.


See you soon! ♡